How fast is it to work with?

Examples of what the record looks like

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KeyChain EMRTM

demo movies less than 60 seconds each

Physician Assisted KeyboardTM


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Welcome to

The Ten Second Medical RecordTM

with Diagnosis Generated NotesTM & KeyChain EMRTM

… Faster than voice recognition …

in use since 1990

Works with and requires Windows 98 or later and Microsoft Word.

TSMR Nextgen MS Word EMR MS Word EHR Microsoft EMR SoapNotes Medinote practice partner CPRS personal EMR

Description: Description: image001

KeyChain EMRTM  *  for EMR use in your hospital systems, home & offices

    an electronic medical record & medical communication program  


TSMR is no longer being distributed although development continues, June 2014.  It is available as an enterprise purchase for further marketing and/or development.


TSMR records are the FASTEST EMR.

You do not have to understand Databases.

Patient information is never buried.  It’s right in front of you in one file.


TSMR records Look Great.

They do not look “computer generated.”  TSMR notes are made for rapid reading and comprehension.

 Diagnoses and important information are in bold larger print.

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Contact:, Gil Carter, MD, JD, FP, medical programmer, Davis, Ca 95617. About TSMR.

Site Outline

1. How fast is it to work with?

2. Not using it for everything: Selective Use

3. Examples of what the record looks like

4. Free Newsgroups to help with Questions

5. Internet connections

6. Cost

7. Free Program Download

8. KeyChain EMRTM

8. Very short demo movies, most less than 60 seconds

9. PhysicianAssistedKeyboardTM 

10. Interwoven Style Progress Note for Multi-SOAP format


How fast is it to work with? 

What does a doctor have to learn to start?  To learn the most basic function takes less than one minute once it is installed.  Installation usually takes about 3 minutes.


Typical Time using TSMR

reaching patient record knowing only his name

< 1 second

time to start a new patient file

10 seconds

1 new medicine rx

5 seconds

2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. medicine

3 seconds each

multiple medicine refill

5 seconds

XR request slip, PT orders, Lab requests slips including ICD code insertion

8 seconds

work and school notes

5-10 seconds

patient letter or email to patient

10-15 seconds

note to biller for billing

5-10 seconds

reaching the actual text sought at an internet medical reference site

25 seconds

summary of entire medical chart in response to request for medical records

10 seconds

the Ten Second Medical RecordTM:

Not using it for everything: Selective Use 

1.              Selective Use: Use it for all its functions or just for selected ones such as prescriptions, patient letters, or email.

a.     prescriptions

b.     PT orders

c.     Patient letters, work and school notes

d.     Emailing patients their Lab slips, XR request slips and more

e.     FMLA forms

f.      oximetry statements

These function without having to use the entire medical record program.

2.              Prescription shortcuts are automatically visible in a balloon pop-up at the 4th keystroke.

3.              TSMR's Diagnosis Generated Notes: ” each progress note usually requires only 4 or 5 keystrokes for the bulk of the note.

4.              TSMR offers seamless connection to

a.     Major medical reference works on the internet

b.     Local laboratory reports

c.     Local radiology reporting

d.     Local hospital lab reports

e.     Formularies on internet or on your computer

f.      Direct faxing to pharmacies, hospital, insurance companies, other physicians …

g.     Email

h.     CDC website

i.      Notes to staff for items to be done

j.      Local telephone and yellow page connection

k.     Computer faxing

5.              Patient Pocket SummaryTM  (3 seconds)

6.              Medical Record transfers by fax save time and money

When a patient pr physician requests records of a prior patient due to insurance or physician changes, the “Medical Record Summary by Fax” function often saves $30 or more each time.

7.              Direct faxing from your computer for prescriptions and notes for work and school, hospital orders and hospital notes

8.              Multi-problem SOAP format, summaries of visits Medical Records Summary to another physician

9.              Composite Summaries to facilitate care for your consultants

10.           Hospital admission and discharge orders, hospital H&P

11.           Electronic records searches for diagnoses, medicines, referrals & other data

12.           Open access allows modification to suit user

13.           100% flexible

14.           Checks to confirm patient’s presence on your monthly managed care list

15.           Checks patient’s formulary for meds to be prescribed

16.           Keeps track of improvements you wish to make to your EMR program

17.           Tracks your CME

18.           Tracks reimbursement questions to make sure you are being paid reasonably for your various CPT codes and insurances

19.           Keeps reminder file for patients needing followup

20.           Makes FMLA form completion a snap (less than one minute)

21.           Prevents physician inundation by pharmacy faxes through semi-automatic scheduling of patients before their prescriptions are due to run out 

22.           Is a Medical Student - CME - patient education tool that retains your information learned through electronic CME, and makes it readily available to patients through email for their education.  This is a great tool for medical students because it gives definitions for medical and regular words in less than ten seconds.  RORF - Read Once Recall Forever

23.           Provides Failure-Success Logging for medicines and therapies failed or succeeded; documents your experience without having it all buried in patient charts

24.           Automatic initial file setup for a physician’s patients is available if you have an electronic list of your patient names and their dates of birth.

Examples of what the record looks like 

sample simple office visit

sample triple problem office visit

sample Patient Pocket Summary TM

sample multi-med prescription

sample lab order

sample PT order

sample mammogram order

sample remote office visit list

sample email to patient (This is also what it looks like in the window of your email program.)

composite file including prior visits table etc  

sample medical records for release or … providing to consultant 

sample hospital Admission Orders

sample hospital Discharge Orders

sample hospital History & Physical

sample picture in patient file

snap hospital orders for condition

example "FamilyVisit" note and multi-person dosing & prescription

Free Newsgroups to help with Questions

Some very useful Microsoft web sites or newsgroup sites for Microsoft Word questions are:



Internet connections

sample lab website connection:

sample hospital website connection:

sample online formulary (in this case, HealthNet):


TSMR program is planned to be a flat rate of $500 without contracts nor ongoing or hidden expenses. You buy it, you own it.


Frequently Asked Questions: should be sent to  for publication to this website or for return email response.  It is not a billing program.  TSMR Medical Record Faxing requires that you have a fax modem and fax program.  The default setting is for Winfax.


COPYRIGHT 1996 - 2014, Trademarked.

Specialty modules (ENT, cardiology, etc.), city specific modules for Pharmacy Faxing and Local Medical Community modules are planned.

* KeyChain EMRTM is a TSMR production.


KeyChain EMR is for combined hospital and office use.  Walk onto the hospital medical ward, plug it in, do what you need, unplug and walk away.  The division between hospital and office becomes seamless.


Why? Because many years worth or your patients’ EMR records can be kept on a Keychain MemoryStick, making it so easy to automatically carry to hospital rounding;  …and because TSMR does not require a behemoth program to access your patient files on a medical ward computer and even print from there.  Today, MS Word is practically the world’s typewriter.  Flash drives now are up to 1 Gb in memory size, and are re-recordable, encryptable, lockable AND FAST, much faster than writing to a CD.  Your most recent 4 years of patient records can easily fit on it.  They have a metal case, measure 1/3 x 1 x 3 inches, and are sometimes sold as a key chain for your keys.  Do the records need to be encrypted or otherwise secure?  Of course.   more about KeyChain EMR?

                            Description: Description: image012  

KeyChain EMRTM

… surprisingly, The Most secure medical record by far.

(A 1 Gb flash drive is shown here. ~ US $30.00.  The keys shown here are, of course, not functional to avoid risk of being copied.) 



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Gilbert B. Carter, MD, JD, FP, medical programmer, family physician