February 26, 2003

Hi Christyne,


Your labs were all pretty normal ... including liver, kidneys, blood count, blood sugar, urine exam, thyroid.  Congratulations. :)


Problem Progress List 









cholesterol  -  HDL









LDL  -- trigly









  ‘ “          weight ® 




























The table above needs to be converted to non-table format after emailing or mailing to patient.  If cursor is in table, use ALT+T,U to convert to non-table format.  This line is non-printing. 

In the table above, ...

cholesterol means total cholesterol.  Normal is less than 200.

LDL means the "bad cholesterol."  Normal is less than 130.

HDL means the "good cholesterol."  Normal is greater than 35.

Trigly means triglycerides which are another form of blood fat.  Normal is less than 200.

If you have known hardening of the arteries, LDL should be less than 100.

Wnl means Within Normal Limits.

CBC = Complete Blood Count, CMP = Comprhensive Metabolic Panel (checks liver, kidneys, blood sugar); ESR = Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (checks for inflammation).

PSA = Prostate Specific Antigen




John Smith, MD  

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