James, Patricia                        dob 02/01/1926

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Remote office visit record:

9/12/97 chest pain

12/16/97 modest insomnia

4/1997 Crohn’s

12/16/97 modest insomnia; modest depression; urinary incontinence [no fistula, just loss of angle per urology]

1/19/98 modest insomnia; Crohn’s

2/20/98 generics request, Crohn’s, HRT, seborrheic keratoses

6/10/98 dependent edema

9/4/98 BSE instructed; breast exam & mammogram wnl

11/4/98 patellar contusion and bursitis

02/01/99 interscapular myalgia, bronchitis

02/26/99 dependent edema

03/19/99 flare of Crohn’s +/- PUD or diverticulitis [wnl CBC sgpt alk phos]

03/23/99 Ibid., cleared

05/04/99 Crohn’s RLQ vs diverticular dz; suspect foreign body from remote abdominal surgery

09/28/99 bronchitis

10/05/99 PA, hip neuralgia

11/06/99 flu shot & B12 injections

12/06/99 B12 injection, PA

12/21/99 hip DJD vs myalgia

01/05/00 hospitalized small bowel obstruction +/- inflammatory bowel dz, adhesions, bowel resection Dr O'Malley

02/22/00 seizure disorder

03/09/00 acute sinusitis

03/16/00 viral syndrome? chills

05/09/00 jury duty excuse

08/01/00 dependent edema, MVA whiplash

08/04/00 silent UTI, hypokalemia, hyperglycemia

03/14/01 Crohn's, Pernicious Anemia

see progress notes for details after the above dates. Printed.

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John Smith, MD  Printed.

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